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FOSDEM 2014 JavaScript Developer Room

Call for Participation

FOSDEM 2014 JavaScript Developer Room

Given JavaScript's maturisation not only in the browser but also server side (thanks to node.js) and even using the language to control machines that can drive or even fly, the time has come to unite the (maybe not so) different JavaScript worlds.

On 2 February 2014, FOSDEM, the largest free and open source (un)conference in Europe, will host a JavaScript developer room allowing us to work on open source projects, give talks of interest to our community, FOSDEM attracts each year around 5,000 attendees.

The setting is Brussels, Belgium. Brussels comes with some fine attributes, one of them being it's pretty much centrally located, an hour of flying away from more famous cities like Amsterdam, Paris and London. It's the capital of a country renowned for beer, french fries, chocolate and rain.

Call for Participation

We issue a call for participation to the JavaScript community. The proposals should be submitted before 21 Dec 2013 using a FOSDEM tool called Pentabarf (don't ask why they called it "Pentabarf", narf).

People that want to submit a proposal have to:

  1. Surf to
  2. Create an account
  3. Enter their proposal (don't forget to select the Javascript devroom track!)

We will announce the selected proposals around mid December 2013.


Below is a list of topics we would like to cover, but feel free to submit anything related to JavaScript. Keep in mind that FOSDEM is an open source conference with a very techie audience, we therefore ask you to stay clear of marketing presentations. We welcome both introductory level talks, and nitty-gritty technical stuff.

Who are we?

For the time being, we are one of the following:

Don't hesitate to mention us on Twitter if you want to help organising this devroom.


Questions can be directed to us via the mailing list: